Animatronic Sign

 Make These Animatronic  Boards For Less than $75 Each

Owner Operators Needed Now!


Your Motors Cost Less Than $20 Each

All Other Parts Are From Home Depot Or Hardware Store For $25

10 Hour+ Battery $25

Your Total Cost Less Than $75 

Easily Sell These Animatronic Boards for Over $200 Each

       ▼See The Animatronic Boards In This Video▼

Easily Attach This Animatronic Board With Moving Sign To

* Any Mannequin or Costumed Character

* Telephone Pole

* Hangs in Storefront Windows

* Wooden Stake in Ground

* Attach To Stationary Auto or Truck

* Tree Trunk

* Sidewalk Sandwich Board

* Attach to your Main Sign Post

Make Your First One in a Couple Hours

After you have made a few you can make 2 in about ½ hour

Animatronic Sign Emailed Instructions $125.00

Animatronic Sign Emailed Instructions $125.00

Instructions are emailed in an easy to open PDF file. They include everything you need to know to start making these animatronic boards for less than $75 each. These animatronic boards are an easy sell to business owners for $200+. You buy all your parts and supplies locally. You buy nothing from us. We are always available for free lifetime support if you have any questions before or after the sale.   

You can easily spend much more than $125 trying to make one of these Animatronic Boards on your own without our help. As a matter of fact you can easily spend over $125 on the motor alone if you don’t buy it from the correct local merchant. Mark up on these motors is huge if you don’t know who to buy them from. Save yourself days and days of trial and error by buying the emailed plans from us. Simply sell 1 of these for $200 and recoup your entire investment.


▼▼Fully Assembled Parts Included Kit Below▼▼


Fully Assembled Parts Included Kit 

This kit includes 1 Assembled Animatronic Board 

The only items you will need are a Sign and a Battery to complete your first Animatronic Sign. This kit does not include a mounting strap. But it is assembled in a way that you can use any strap with hooked ends.

We will email you the same instructions that come with the emailed kit and send you your Assembled Animatronic Board

This Assembled Animatronic Board will be shipped out on the next business day. It will be sent using USPO Priority Mail to the Address you supply with your Pay-Pal Transaction.

Assembled Animatronic Board   $225.00

Priority Mail Shipping                 $ 29.95